Your one stop shop for the top of the line heat treating and other thermal processing equipment.


AFC-Holcroft has one of the most extensive product lines
in the heat treating industry — known worldwide for
quality and reliability. Our equipment ranges from
individual furnaces to full production cells.

Super Systems

Super Systems is the leading supplier of probes, analyzers,
controllers, recorders, software solutions, flow meters, gas
totalizers, and engineered systems for your heat treating

Wisconsin Oven

For tempering, stress relieving, composite curing,
powder coating ovens, drop bottom or horizontal
aluminum solutionizing systems, aging ovens, and
for all types of ovens for low temperature processes.

Solar Manufacturing

Solar Manufacturing offers innovative vacuum furnaces
and will develop new processes or optimize what you do
now. Our furnace experts provide technical support and
critical parts when you need them.


South-Tek supplies PSA Nitrogen Generation
Systems for your gaseous N2 requirements.


The leaders in vibratory loaders for all your
continuous furnace applications.

Schunk Carbon Technology

Schunk Carbon Technology is the gold standard
for high-temperature applications. Our graphite,
carbon fiber composite and ceramic components,
as well as carbon and graphite felt, allow you to
reliably address your thermal processes.


Televac is the most trusted name in
the heat treating industry for vacuum
controllers and gauges.


PhoenixTM has evolved to bring innovation, quality and simplicity to “thru-process” temperature profiling.


Nel is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. 

Simpson Alloy Services

SAS are specialized in the fields of aerospace maintenance, ground support equipment, and heat treat services.