Nitrogen Generators

Through our partnership with South-Tek Systems, MetalPro Resources can provide you with Nitrogen Generating Equipment for a variety of applications.  

South-Tek Systems are clever and simple, yet they can save big money (up to 90%!) over the common bulk cryogenic systems used by most manufacturing plants.  Unlike those installations, you generate only the amount of gas that you need, so waste is eliminated.  Since you’re in control, there are no deliveries to worry about, and no complicated contracts to navigate.  And South-Tek Systems can be set up for a range of purity levels, covering everything from the most demanding processes to simpler, ‘good enough’ applications.  Every industrial Nitrogen generator manufactured comes with our Performance Verification System which provides the customer a documented, full load test of their system under their input and output specifications. This allows the customer to see real data of how their system performed from the factory.