Launched in 2007, MetalPro Resources is a small team of smart people with many years of experience in the heat treat sciences.  Each member of our team brings a different set of skills and strengths to the table — allowing us to be thorough and incredibly good at what we do...Solving Your Heat Treating Problems!.

A Planned History

Reliable & Experienced People

Jim Senne has 39 years of experience in the field of heat treating and metallurgy , specializing in atmosphere heat treatment in the heavy industrial environment.  Combining his educational background in chemistry and metallurgy, with his long term experience as manager of a large captive heat treating shop, Jim brings a unique perspective to any job; one that combines the heat treater’s and the metallurgist’s point of view.  Jim’s broad, real life heat treating experience ranges from deep case carburizing and hardening of 60,000 pound steel mill pinions to FNC processing of small automotive components.  With the founding of MetalPro Resources in February of 2007, he has been consulting and selling capital equipment to the heat treating industry world-wide for the past thirteen years. 



Bill Andreski has over 30 years of experience in heat treatment, forging and casting of steel and aluminum alloys.

His primary focus has been with the manufacture of gears and gear drives, including forging, welding, machining, thermal processing (carburizing, nitriding, induction hardening), and failure analysis of gears for automotive and industrial gears, for steel, mining, wind, marine and other applications.  Bill holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science.

Steve Maus is an expert in the field of heat treating and thermal processing, specializing in the optimization of equipment and processes for manufacturing and R&D operations. Drawing on a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and extensive experience in manufacturing, project management, and quality systems development, he has led efforts ranging from process control system upgrades, new facility design, construction, and commissioning, to implementation of NUCAP/Nadcap accredited systems and procedures. He has written numerous articles for industry publications, and has presented technical papers and been a Session Chairman for several heat treating conferences. He brings a unique perspective to every endeavor: he has the technical background to grasp the underlying science, the sense of urgency to quickly develop solutions to complex problems, and the leadership experience to work with people in a wide variety of roles in order to bring projects to a successful outcome.